[oXygen-user] Topicref Insertion Feature Request: Recognize Maprefs Vs. Topicrefs

Eliot Kimber
Mon Jul 20 15:06:20 CDT 2009

One side effect of the new behavior I requested whereby the topicref
insertion dialog remembers the last topicref type used is that if you insert
a map reference and then insert a topicref, you'll get a mapref by default,
which is never right.

Would it be possible for the insertion dialog to look at the type of the
target, once it is selected, and select the first topicref that specifies a
value for format that matches the target type if the currently-selected type
isn't appropriate?

That is, given that I last inserted a topic and I select a map, see if there
are any available topicref types that specify format="ditamap" and, if so,
select the first one. For DITA 1.2 there will usually be at least <mapref>
in the default map shell doctype.

If I last inserted a map and I select a topic and the currently-select
topicref type specifies format="ditamap", select either the first topicref
type in the list, or more usefully, the last-used topicref-to-a-topic type.

That is, if the insertion dialog can select a good default for refs to maps
and topics and remember the last type used for each type of reference, it
would have the effect of making the insertion dialog select the
mostly-likely-to-be-right topicref type regardless of whether I'm inserting
a map or topic.



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