[oXygen-user] Quicker way to insert character entities?

Helen Borrie
Wed Jul 8 05:21:34 CDT 2009

At 07:38 PM 8/07/2009, you wrote:
>There is a quick method of inserting an entity reference at the cursor 
>position: double click on the name of the entity in the Entities view. 
>This view is available in both the Text mode and the Author mode. In the 
>default layout of the Oxygen window the view is visible in both modes on 
>the right side in a tabbed pane with the Elements view. If it is not 
>visible in your layout (you use a fixed layout or other customized 
>layout) just go to menu Perspective -> Show View -> Entities.

Bingo!  Yes, I discovered this Entities view earlier today as I was just going around all the menus looking for !! something !!  In my searches I also found the table where you can set up shortcuts, which also shows shortcuts that are already defined.  So now I also have the ability to select something that needs inline quotes, do Ctrl-E and pick 'q'.  Great!


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