[oXygen-user] Quicker way to insert character entities?

Sorin Ristache
Wed Jul 8 04:38:18 CDT 2009


There is a quick method of inserting an entity reference at the cursor 
position: double click on the name of the entity in the Entities view. 
This view is available in both the Text mode and the Author mode. In the 
default layout of the Oxygen window the view is visible in both modes on 
the right side in a tabbed pane with the Elements view. If it is not 
visible in your layout (you use a fixed layout or other customized 
layout) just go to menu Perspective -> Show View -> Entities.




Helen Borrie wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using the authoring application.  Is there any way to get character entities into the Author view?  I expected that, by typing the special character, e.g. a double-quote, the editor would automatically replace it with the standard entity, " in this case.  But it is not the case.  The document is saved with just the literal character, as typed.
> By trial and error I found that, if I switch to the Text view, I can type "&" to display a drop-list, from which I can select an entity and it will be inserted at the caret.  This is terribly slow and awkward to do.  It is faster to copy and paste.
> I can't find any reference to character entities/special characters in either the Oxygen or the Author help.  Any clues welcome.
> Thanks.
> Helen
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