[oXygen-user] Quicker way to insert character entities?

Helen Borrie
Tue Jul 7 07:37:43 CDT 2009


I'm using the authoring application.  Is there any way to get character entities into the Author view?  I expected that, by typing the special character, e.g. a double-quote, the editor would automatically replace it with the standard entity, " in this case.  But it is not the case.  The document is saved with just the literal character, as typed.

By trial and error I found that, if I switch to the Text view, I can type "&" to display a drop-list, from which I can select an entity and it will be inserted at the caret.  This is terribly slow and awkward to do.  It is faster to copy and paste.

I can't find any reference to character entities/special characters in either the Oxygen or the Author help.  Any clues welcome.


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