[oXygen-user] SVN Client on Oxygen 10.3 UUID mismatch: existing directory 'trunk/eXist/extensions/xprocxq' was checked out from a different repository

Mon Jul 6 10:18:04 CDT 2009

Thanks Sorin and Wolfgang
Indeed it works again and it makes full sense now why it behave like this

It just appeared at the same time I did my update of SVN 1.6

Sorry for the noise


On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 4:50 PM, Wolfgang Meier <> wrote:

> > In your case a possible cause is a change in the eXist
> > repository so that trunk/eXist/extensions/xprocxq/ and
> > trunk/eXist/extensions/ have different UUIDs now when you tried to
> > update the working copy in Oxygen 10.3.
> trunk/eXist/extensions/xprocxq/ used to be an external directory, i.e.
> it linked to another SVN repository. This caused some problems and the
> author of the xprocxq extension decided to move the code into the
> eXist source tree instead of using a link.
> Unfortunately, this switch is confusing SVN and you'll need a
> workaround to get the checkout clean again: remove either the xqprocxq
> directory - or if that doesn't work, the entire extensions directory -
> and run svn update.
> Wolfgang
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