[oXygen-user] SVN Client on Oxygen 10.3 UUID mismatch: existing directory 'trunk/eXist/extensions/xprocxq' was checked out from a different repository

Wolfgang Meier
Mon Jul 6 09:50:12 CDT 2009

> In your case a possible cause is a change in the eXist
> repository so that trunk/eXist/extensions/xprocxq/ and
> trunk/eXist/extensions/ have different UUIDs now when you tried to
> update the working copy in Oxygen 10.3.

trunk/eXist/extensions/xprocxq/ used to be an external directory, i.e.
it linked to another SVN repository. This caused some problems and the
author of the xprocxq extension decided to move the code into the
eXist source tree instead of using a link.

Unfortunately, this switch is confusing SVN and you'll need a
workaround to get the checkout clean again: remove either the xqprocxq
directory - or if that doesn't work, the entire extensions directory -
and run svn update.


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