[oXygen-user] XML Spec framework catalog

Florent Georges
Mon Jan 19 08:25:05 CST 2009

Sorin Ristache wrote:

> That rewriteSystem element maps the reference to xmlspec.rng
> from the sample XML file of type XMLSpec to the local
> version stored in frameworks/xmlspec/schema. If you create a
> new XML document from the XMLSpec template you see the
> reference:

> <?oxygen RNGSchema="http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/06/schema/xmlspec.rng"
> type="xml"?>

  Yes, but my point is that I think this URI is wrong, as the
DTD tells us that:

    #  <!DOCTYPE spec PUBLIC
    #       "-//W3C//DTD Specification V2.10//EN"
    #       "http://www.w3.org/2002/xmlspec/dtd/2.10/xmlspec.dtd">

  So I guess the URI 2002 (as opposed to 1998 that is used in
oXygen) is the correct one, isn't it?

> If only the predefined scenarios of the document type
> XMLSpec are used then you do not need to add uri or
> rewriteURI elements because the predefined scenarios use
> the paths ${frameworks}/xmlspec/fo/xmlspec.xsl,
> ${frameworks}/xmlspec/html/xmlspec.xsl, etc. If you want to
> use other references in your stylesheet you can add uri
> entries to the XML catalog.

  Yep, but I wonder if a framework shouldn't provide it out
of the box.  Writing a driver stylesheet is very common (a
stylesheet module that imports the original one to override
some templates or parameters.)  And in that case, the import
URI cannot use ${frameworks}.


Florent Georges


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