[oXygen-user] XML Spec framework catalog

Sorin Ristache
Tue Jan 20 01:34:38 CST 2009


In the next version we will add the DTD and the XML Schema for XML Spec 
to the predefined document type and we will add the XML catalog mappings 
for the stylesheets stored on the W3C website.

Thank you for the suggestion,

Florent Georges wrote:
>   Yes, but my point is that I think this URI is wrong, as the
> DTD tells us that:
>     #  <!DOCTYPE spec PUBLIC
>     #       "-//W3C//DTD Specification V2.10//EN"
>     #       "http://www.w3.org/2002/xmlspec/dtd/2.10/xmlspec.dtd">
>   So I guess the URI 2002 (as opposed to 1998 that is used in
> oXygen) is the correct one, isn't it?

>   Yep, but I wonder if a framework shouldn't provide it out
> of the box.  Writing a driver stylesheet is very common (a
> stylesheet module that imports the original one to override
> some templates or parameters.)  And in that case, the import
> URI cannot use ${frameworks}.

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