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Paul Ryan
Mon Jan 12 10:48:47 CST 2009

Sure the limitation has to do with working with Java and XQuery together. When paired, to pass data down to the XQuery, it ends up being passed as strings which with an engine like eXist the data needs to be evaluated with a special utility extension. This presents a couple of problems first you have to construct your queries using a string which can cause issues, second you are forced into using a database specific extension such as the http://exist-db.org/xquery/util module. We want to avoid this so we've come up with a preprocessor that does a token replace prior to passing off to the XQuery engine. Our tokens are in the form "\$\{([a-zA-Z0-9]+(\:[a-zA-Z0-9]+)?)\}". I'm not against rewriting this custom pre-processor as a plug-in to oXygen however I didn't immediately see a way to do that.


What do you mean by creating a validation scenario? Are you referring to the scenarios for the db connection + query and if so how would I attach a custom pre-processor to this; or do you mean I should attach a "custom engine" and if so can you point me to a reference on how to build one of these.

Thanks again for your help,

-- Paul Ryan

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Do you mean your XQuery queries are reported as invalid in Oxygen
because they are not standard W3C XQuery? You can set the validation
engine to be the same as the processing engine such as eXist from
Options -> Preferences -> XML -> XSLT-FO-XQuery -> XQuery or by creating
a validation scenario.

Do you mean you want to send to the debugging engine a modified version
of the XQuery file that is edited in a file tab of Oxygen? That is not
possible now. Can you give one or two examples of the limitations and
the needed preprocessing?


Florent Georges wrote:
>> Our group has run into a limitation with xquery that has pushed
>> us to create a preprocessor for xquery
>   I don't know if what you ask for is possible or not (I am sure the
> oXygen team will respond you on that matter,) but I wonder what kind of
> limitations you ran into, and how you use a preprocessor to solve them.

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