[oXygen-user] Preprocessing Xquery

Florent Georges
Mon Jan 12 11:54:52 CST 2009

Paul Ryan wrote:

> Sure the limitation has to do with working with Java and XQuery
> together. When paired, to pass data down to the XQuery, it ends up
> being passed as strings which with an engine like eXist the data
> needs to be evaluated with a special utility extension.

  I am sorry to use oXygen band-width for what seems to be a general
XQuery question, but I am really intrigued: do you mean the usual way
of passing variable to a query (using external variables) does not work
with eXist, from Java?

  Because if it is just a matter of passing strings to the query, I
would personally rather use external variables in the query, set them
from the calling Java code, and not use any pre-processing phase; in
other words always use only standard queries.

  But I guess I missed something.


Florent Georges


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