[oXygen-user] Syncro SVN Suggestion: Show/Hide Unversioned Items

Sorin Ristache
Thu Sep 11 03:32:02 CDT 2008

Hello Roger,

With the filter * set in the option "Application global ignores" you can 
toggle the unversioned subdirectories and files in the Working Copy view 
with the toolbar button "Show ignored files". So the requested feature 
is already implemented -:) but I do not use it often so I was not aware 
of it.


Sorin Ristache wrote:
> Hello,
> To hide also unversioned subdirectories that do not contain the "." 
> character in the name you have to set the filter * in the option 
> "Application global ignores". We will consider adding a button to the 
> toolbar of the view but we try to keep the user interface as simple as 
> possible which means minimizing the number of buttons.
> Regards,
> Sorin
> infotexture wrote:
>> On 2008-09-10 15:26, Sorin Ristache wrote:
>>> I am sorry, a filter for unversioned files in the working copy is
>>> already implemented: go to Options -> Preferences -> SVN and set the
>>> file pattern *.* in the option "Application global ignores".
>> Thanks for your reply, Sorin.
>> That approach will filter any unversioned files, but not unversioned
>> subdirectories and is not as easy to toggle as a simple button if you 
>> need
>> to show something unversioned to add it.
>> Regards,
>> Roger

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