[oXygen-user] Unchecking "Use default catalog" Does Not Stop Framework's Catalog From Being Used

Eliot Kimber
Wed May 28 09:42:13 CDT 2008

I'm trying to use Oxygen to test documents against a set of DTDs as
organized for distribution to a client. These are DITA specializations that
use the draft DITA 1.2 declarations, so I don't want the DITA 1.1
declarations to be involved at all.

Unfortunately, it appears that Oxygen is including the DITA OT catalog from
the frameworks directory even though I have "use default catalog" unchecked
in my catalog options and only have my distribution-specific catalog
included in the list of user-specified catalogs.

Examining the catalog resolution trace I can see that references to the
standard DITA declaration sets are resolving to the framework location.

Is my expectation of how "use default catalog" should work correct or is
there another way to disable use of the framework catalogs?



Eliot Kimber
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