[oXygen-user] Oxygen 9.2 - Howto disable "DITA Maps Manager"?

Sorin Ristache
Mon May 26 07:14:25 CDT 2008

Please note that the toolbar of the DITA Maps Manager view contains a 
button "Open map in editor" which opens the current map of the view in 
the editor panel. This is an alternative for the drag and drop operation 
that takes a DITA map from the explorer application to the Author/Oxygen 
editor panel.


Jan Nylund wrote:
> Hello!
> On 26 maj 2008, at 14.50, Sorin Ristache wrote:
>> We will consider adding a user option for opening a DITA map in the 
>> DITA Map Manager view or directly in the editor panel. In the current 
>> version of Author/Oxygen you can open a DITA map directly in the 
>> editor panel by a drag and drop operation that takes the map file from 
>> the file explorer application (Windows Explorer, Mac OS Finder, etc.) 
>> to the editor panel.
>> Do you find that editing the map in the DITA Map Manager view is 
>> difficult or it does not cover some editing actions specific for DITA 
>> maps?
> I use oxygen for developing and testing xsl stylesheets and I prefer to 
> have full control over my ditamaps by editing in text mode.
> I think I'll just have to downgrade to oxygen 9.1 to avoid this in wait 
> for the option to disable it.
> Br,
> Jan

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