[oXygen-user] very slow response when switching back to oXygen

Sorin Ristache
Fri May 23 10:32:45 CDT 2008


Can you determine if the delay is caused by Windows swapping in 
applications from disk to physical RAM memory for executing it on the 
CPU, resolving page faults, etc? Is the total memory of all currently 
running applications much larger than the physical RAM memory?

We can look in a log file generated by Oxygen on your computer which 
will tell us if the delay occurs before or after the application resumes 
execution by receiving the CPU from the operating system (that is the 
delay is in the Oxygen application or in the operating system). For 
generating a log file please copy the attached file log4j.properties in 
the directory [Oxygen-install-dir]/lib, restart Oxygen, reproduce the 
delay, close Oxygen and send us all the files 
[Oxygen-install-dir]/oxygen.log* (that is oxygen.log, oxygen.log.1, 
oxygen.log.2, in case there is more than one log file).


Seraphim Larsen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a pretty new oXygen user (new since version 9.1).  Really love the tool!
> But one thing that is really annoying is that if I leave oXygen for 
> awhile (say, 20 minutes), and then come back to it, it usually takes at 
> least 20-30 seconds before it starts responding, and it can sometimes 
> take several minutes.  I guess it's some kind of memory paging issue or 
> something.  This sometimes happens with other programs too, but it's 
> much worse with oXygen than with any other program that I use.
> Is there something I can do to configure oXygen to get rid of this problem?
> I'm running oXygen 9.2 on Windows XP.
> Thanks,
> Seraphim
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