[oXygen-user] very slow response when switching back to oXygen

Seraphim Larsen
Thu May 22 16:16:50 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm a pretty new oXygen user (new since version 9.1).  Really love the tool!

But one thing that is really annoying is that if I leave oXygen for awhile
(say, 20 minutes), and then come back to it, it usually takes at least 20-30
seconds before it starts responding, and it can sometimes take several
minutes.  I guess it's some kind of memory paging issue or something.  This
sometimes happens with other programs too, but it's much worse with oXygen
than with any other program that I use.

Is there something I can do to configure oXygen to get rid of this problem?

I'm running oXygen 9.2 on Windows XP.

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