[oXygen-user] line breaks again: oxygen author mode does not interpret <lb /> correctly

Philipp Steinkrüger
Mon Apr 28 08:38:33 CDT 2008

Sorry, i just realized that I was mistaken in my previous email. in 
fact, oxygen correctly inserts
<lb /> only into the xml-document. what still bothers me, and thats 
probably why i got confused,
is the behaviour in the Author mode. there, with "full tags turned on" 
<lb /> is display as <lb>lb</lb>
which seems to be an odd interpretation of the XML. anyway, changing to 
"block tags" and defining
lb in the css as inline-block looks like an acceptable solution if, and 
here is my problem, the line would
really break in the Author mode. But it doesn't. After the <lb /> 
element i can just continue to write.
How could i make Oxygen to interpret <lb /> correctly?

Thanks, and sorry again for my first post.

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