[oXygen-user] line breaks again: oxygen author mode does not interpret <lb /> correctly

Dan Caprioara
Mon Apr 28 08:58:57 CDT 2008

Hello Phillipp,

You should try to use the following CSS rules for the <lb/> element:

lb {

The first rule will break the line. The second will inhibit the display 
of the name of the tag. (oXygen displays the name for the empty elements 
so you can identify their position. If an empty element has an 
associated pseudo element - the lb:before  for instance - the tag name 
is hidden).

Best regards,

Philipp Steinkrüger wrote:
> Sorry, i just realized that I was mistaken in my previous email. in 
> fact, oxygen correctly inserts
> <lb /> only into the xml-document. what still bothers me, and thats 
> probably why i got confused,
> is the behaviour in the Author mode. there, with "full tags turned on" 
> <lb /> is display as <lb>lb</lb>
> which seems to be an odd interpretation of the XML. anyway, changing 
> to "block tags" and defining
> lb in the css as inline-block looks like an acceptable solution if, 
> and here is my problem, the line would
> really break in the Author mode. But it doesn't. After the <lb /> 
> element i can just continue to write.
> How could i make Oxygen to interpret <lb /> correctly?
> Thanks, and sorry again for my first post.
> Philipp
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