[oXygen-user] Validating XML instance with a Schema which imports another Schema

Sorin Ristache
Wed Apr 23 05:02:16 CDT 2008


The error is in the schema HUD_HMIS_2_8.xsd located at


This schema references the type airs:tSiteService, that is 
the type tSiteService from the namespace 
The error is that the target namespace of the imported schema


is "http://cse.unl.edu/~bkutsch/3_0_draft_d5.xsd" which does 
not match the namespace used in the import element in 
HUD_HMIS_2_8.xsd (line 10). That means the type tSiteService 
defined in AIRS_3_0_draft5_mod.xsd in the namespace 
"http://cse.unl.edu/~bkutsch/3_0_draft_d5.xsd" cannot be 
matched with the type reference used on line 828 of 
HUD_HMIS_2_8.xsd which needs a type tSiteService from the 

You do not need a validation scenario for a simple 
validation of an XML document against an XML Schema. It does 
not matter if the schema is local or remote. Oxygen will 
load it from the specified location. You should use a 
validation scenario in one of the two situations in which 
the User Manual recommends it but you are not in these 



Eric Jahn wrote:
> I believe this is a bug with Oxygen 9.1, but please correct me if I'm
> erring in my thoughts or configuration.
> Here is the scenario:
> I have a schema which imports a second remote schema.  I can validate
> this schema with its remote schema by configuring a custom validation
> scenario which declares the remote schema urls, as opposed to using
> local copies with a SchemaLocation declaration.  If I declare local
> SchemaLocations, this all works and there are no validation errors, so I
> think I have isolated the problem to an Oxygen 9.1 bug.
> Now, I wish to perform the next logical step and validate an XML
> instance of this remote schema.  The XML is located here: 
> http://www.hmis.info/schema/2_8/Example_HUD_HMIS_Instance.xml
> Again, I set up an appropriate custom validation scenario declaring both
> remote schema (the referred schema) at: 
> http://www.hmis.info/schema/2_8/HUD_HMIS_2_8.xsd
> and the one it imports at: 
> http://www.hmis.info/schema/2_8/AIRS_3_0_draft5_mod.xsd
> When I run the Oxygen default validation, I get the following error:
> "Message:src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 'airs:tSiteService' to
> a(n) 'type definition' component."
> It's complaining about not finding the schema imported by the referred
> schema.  It does find the referred schema aok.  This should not happen,
> as I don't get this error when validating the referred schema, for which
> Oxygen's validator locates the imported schema when the custom
> validation scenario is declared.
> Thanks for either confirming a bug or determining my error.  -Eric

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