[oXygen-user] Can't edit 11 meg file

Timothy Reaves
Fri Nov 23 12:14:53 CST 2007

On Nov 23, 2007, at 5:33 AM, Radu Coravu wrote:

> Dear Timothy,
> In order to edit it Oxygen keeps the whole file in memory.
> The amount of memory needed to open a file is several times larger  
> than the file size when opening it in Text mode and is lower when  
> opening it in Grid or Author mode.
> Also the Tree Editor available in Oxygen has a much smaller memory  
> footprint.
> It also depends on the file structure and whether it has many long  
> lines.
> You can find out how much memory is available for Oxygen by opening  
> the About dialog and reading the "JVM memory used - Total" field.
> The standard total memory setting in Oxygen should be more than  
> enough to open an 11 MB file.
> If you give us access to the file maybe we could take a look at it  
> and see if we can improve anything in the Oxygen memory usage.
> If the archived version of the file is above 1 MB maybe you could  
> post a link with it.

	Ya, I understand all of that.  But you seem to think it is fine that  
an 11 meg file can't be opened.  11 meg!  I don't need an excuse for  
why an application running on a laptop with 4 gig of memory can't edit  
an 11 meg file.  For pete' sake, stop and look at your friggin  
response!  It's an 11 meg file.


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