[oXygen-user] Can't edit 11 meg file

Radu Coravu
Fri Nov 23 04:33:36 CST 2007

Dear Timothy,

In order to edit it Oxygen keeps the whole file in memory.
The amount of memory needed to open a file is several times larger than 
the file size when opening it in Text mode and is lower when opening it 
in Grid or Author mode.
Also the Tree Editor available in Oxygen has a much smaller memory 
It also depends on the file structure and whether it has many long lines.

You can find out how much memory is available for Oxygen by opening the 
About dialog and reading the "JVM memory used - Total" field.
The standard total memory setting in Oxygen should be more than enough 
to open an 11 MB file.
If you give us access to the file maybe we could take a look at it and 
see if we can improve anything in the Oxygen memory usage.
If the archived version of the file is above 1 MB maybe you could post a 
link with it.


Radu Coravu 
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

Timothy Reaves wrote:
> I'm trying to open & edit an 11 meg file.  When I do it errors with:
> "Please restart after allocating more memory to oxygen.
> For this modify the parameter -Xmx in the startup script, for example 
> -Xmx700m.
> In case you were running a diff tool when this problem occurred you 
> can try to use another algorithm next time.
> For more details see the 'Performance problems' and 'Setting a 
> parameter in the startup script' sections of the User Manual.
> If you just want to inspect the file, please use the Large File Viewer 
> available from the Tools menu."
> What gives?  This is an 11 meg file; not 11 gig, not 11 tere.  11 
> meg!  If I need to resort to vim, why am I spending money on oXygen?
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