[oXygen-user] Can't edit 11 meg file

Timothy Reaves
Thu Nov 22 17:21:00 CST 2007

I'm trying to open & edit an 11 meg file.  When I do it errors with:

"Please restart after allocating more memory to oxygen.
For this modify the parameter -Xmx in the startup script, for example - 
In case you were running a diff tool when this problem occurred you  
can try to use another algorithm next time.
For more details see the 'Performance problems' and 'Setting a  
parameter in the startup script' sections of the User Manual.

If you just want to inspect the file, please use the Large File Viewer  
available from the Tools menu."

What gives?  This is an 11 meg file; not 11 gig, not 11 tere.  11  
meg!  If I need to resort to vim, why am I spending money on oXygen?

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