[oXygen-user] Validation of no-namespace Schema-based Document

Eliot Kimber
Sat Nov 10 08:12:55 CST 2007

Eliot Kimber wrote:

> Is it possible to use catalogs to remap non-absolute URIs in this way or 
> must I use absolute URIs for the schema location value?

Follow up: I verified that an absolute URI is resolved via a catalog for 
both namespace and no-namespace cases, e.g.:


Mapped thus:

   <system systemId="urn:schema:simpletest_nons.xsd"

I suspect this is simply representative of how Xerces (broken) 
implementation of schema location resolution works. [It is broken 
because it uses SYSTEM resolution calls to resolve schema locations, 
rather than URI resolution calls. I reported a bug a while ago and the 
response was "we're not going to fix it, it's too deep in the code". I 
looked at the code and concur that it would be a non-trivial fix. 
Nevertheless, it's still wrong.]


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