[oXygen-user] oxygen in maven2 subprojects (using maven2 eclipse plugin)

Kai Hackemesser
Wed May 23 05:08:41 CDT 2007

I now have both projects open. I have the xsl file opened in the editor 
(and can set or unset breakpoints). But I can't select it in the 
debugger view. See Screenshot.

Kind regards,

Sorin Ristache schrieb:
> Hello Kai,
> I think you placed the breakpoints before you closed the Eclipse 
> project containing the XSL with the breakpoints. The debugger does not 
> stop on them because they are Eclipse markers and an Eclipse marker 
> cannot be placed on a file that is not included in the current 
> workspace. It is an Eclipse limitation. The files of a closed Eclipse 
> project are not included in the workspace.
> Regards,
> Sorin
> Kai Hackemesser wrote:
>> Additional info:
>> This happens if the project or the subproject is currently closed.
>> Kai Hackemesser schrieb:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I found a problem/bug:
>>> If I have a project having sub projects - (as I have in form of a 
>>> Maven2-Project holding some sub-projects) and I want to debug a xsl 
>>> stylesheet in such a sub project, the debugger doesn't stop at 
>>> marked breakpoints. A breakpoint which I have set in the xsl can't 
>>> be removed. If I try to step into the xsl transformation, Internet 
>>> Explorer pops up and shows me the xml input. Eclipse shows me an 
>>> empty editor screen telling me that the file I'm currently debugging 
>>> doesn't exist. Strange, not?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Kai
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