[oXygen-user] oxygen in maven2 subprojects (using maven2 eclipse plugin)

Sorin Ristache
Wed May 23 04:30:03 CDT 2007

Hello Kai,

I think you placed the breakpoints before you closed the Eclipse project 
containing the XSL with the breakpoints. The debugger does not stop on 
them because they are Eclipse markers and an Eclipse marker cannot be 
placed on a file that is not included in the current workspace. It is an 
Eclipse limitation. The files of a closed Eclipse project are not 
included in the workspace.


Kai Hackemesser wrote:
> Additional info:
> This happens if the project or the subproject is currently closed.
> Kai Hackemesser schrieb:
>> Hi there,
>> I found a problem/bug:
>> If I have a project having sub projects - (as I have in form of a 
>> Maven2-Project holding some sub-projects) and I want to debug a xsl 
>> stylesheet in such a sub project, the debugger doesn't stop at marked 
>> breakpoints. A breakpoint which I have set in the xsl can't be 
>> removed. If I try to step into the xsl transformation, Internet 
>> Explorer pops up and shows me the xml input. Eclipse shows me an empty 
>> editor screen telling me that the file I'm currently debugging doesn't 
>> exist. Strange, not?
>> Kind regards,
>> Kai

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