[oXygen-user] shortcuts for special characters

Dot Porter
Tue May 15 17:11:24 CDT 2007

Hello List,

I've been using oXygen for a couple of years but mainly for text
encoding, I don't really take advantage of the more advanced
functionality. I apologize for this newbie question and I hope the
answer is simple.

I would really like to create shortcuts for some characters from the
character map. There are three that I use often and it's a pain to
have to cut and paste or use the character map every time I want to
stick one in. I figured out how to set the menu shortcut keys and I
was able to create a shortcut to bring up the c.m. but what I really
want are shortcuts to insert the letters themselves. Any suggestions?


Dot Porter, University of Kentucky
Program Coordinator
Collaboratory for Research in Computing for Humanities
Editorial Assistant, REVEAL Project
Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments


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