[oXygen-user] validation scenario for many files

Sorin Ristache
Thu May 10 02:43:53 CDT 2007


No, it is not possible to associate the validation scenario with all the 
files in one action. We will implement it in a future version. For 
example we could allow the association of a scenario with all the 
selected files in the Project view.

If you want to insert the associations in the project file you have to 
make sure that the name and type fields are the same in the element that 
defines the validation scenario, that is <validationScenario> and in the 
element that defines the association, that is <scenarioAssociation> and 
that in the <scenarioAssociation> element the url field contains the 
path of the file that must be validated with the scenario.



Alfred Gebert wrote:
> Thank you very much for the *working with modules* feature in version 8.2.
> We have one XSLT transformation which is splitted into 182 files.
> Is it possible to give a wild card as target of the validation scenario?
> Because all 182 files are located in one directory tree.
> As workaround I looked at the Oxygen project file and wrote a little
> Java program to generate the <scenarioAssociation> elements for all
> 182 files. It worked partly. Some validation scenarios worked and some
> worked not. After I saved the project file again I saw that some
> <scenarioAssociation> elements, which did not worked, where removed.
> Regards
> Alfred

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