[oXygen-user] Autodetection tool of the type of document

Sun Jan 28 13:51:25 CST 2007


While using new functionnalities of OxygenXML on NVDL, I was wondering why
on opening an XML file with (.xml) extension, but containing an XML document
with nvdl namespace, the tool don't detect it as NVDL document

So, even if Christmas is already gone, here is my wish list :
* An autodectect tool, that on finishing openning tools look at Namespaces
available in the document and propose to open it as if it where an XML
Schema, Relax NG, XSLT, etc.

* At least, a menu and a click right button, to assign that view as if it
was a document of type XML Schema, Relax NG, XSLT etc...


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