[oXygen-user] Autodetection tool of the type of document

Sorin Ristache
Mon Jan 29 10:31:42 CST 2007


oXygen detects the type of document based on the file extension. There 
are default associations defined in oXygen based on the most frequent 
use of a file extension today (a .nvdl file contains a NVDL schema, an 
.xsd file contains an XML Schema schema, a .dtd file contains a DTD, an 
.xsl file contains an XSLT stylesheets, etc). You can override these 
default associations in Options -> Preferences -> File Types. For 
example if you define there the .xml extension to contain a NVDL schema 
oXygen opens any .xml file as a NVDL schema because these user defined 
associations have higher priority than the default ones. So please use 
this mechanism for associating a file extension with a document type. 
Analyzing the file content to set the document type when the file is 
opened as you proposed would introduce a new mechanism which only 
complicates the detection of the document type.

To override this mechanism on the fly without editing the Preferences -> 
File Types list, for example to force opening a particular .xml file as 
a NVDL schema just add that .xml file to the Project view, right click 
on the file in the Project view tree and select Open as -> NVDL Schema.


mozer wrote:
> Dear,
> While using new functionnalities of OxygenXML on NVDL, I was wondering 
> why on opening an XML file with (.xml) extension, but containing an XML 
> document with nvdl namespace, the tool don't detect it as NVDL document
> So, even if Christmas is already gone, here is my wish list :
> * An autodectect tool, that on finishing openning tools look at 
> Namespaces available in the document and propose to open it as if it 
> where an XML Schema, Relax NG, XSLT, etc.
> * At least, a menu and a click right button, to assign that view as if 
> it was a document of type XML Schema, Relax NG, XSLT etc...
> Regards
> Xmlizer

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