[oXygen-user] Saxon xinclude processing of Xquery

Dan Caprioara
Wed Aug 8 03:59:57 CDT 2007

Hello Christian,

<oXygen/> has XInclude support, implemented using Xerces. You can turn
it on or off by modifying the option "Enable XInclude processing " from
the Preferences Dialog/XML/XML Parser. This option is on by default.

There is no need to pass a parameter to the Saxon processor, since it
will just activate the XInclude support from Xerces. (oXygen does this
when the option is on)

Let us know if it worked for you,
Best regards,

Christian Wittern wrote:
> Dear Oxygen users,
> The Saxon documentation
> (http://www.saxonica.com/documentation/changes/intro/xinclude89.html) says
> that starting with Version 8.9 (Java implementation) there is support for
> xinclude processing for both XSLT and XQuery.  Now, since Oxygen 8.2 already
> bundles Saxon B and it runs on my Mac with Java 1.5, I assume it
> should be possible to tell Saxon to expand my xincludes for the query.
> However, I can't quite figure out if Oxygen has an option somewhere or,
> failing that, how I can pass a commandline argument for Saxon through the
> transformer.
> Any help appreciated,
> Christian

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