[oXygen-user] Help on XForms validation and auto-completion

Paul Everitt
Sun May 28 09:04:58 CDT 2006

First, my apologies: I know that this has been discussed elsewhere, and 
I know most of the pieces, but I can't seem to get the entire assembly 
working.  I'm thus appealing for help.

Here's my goal: I'm trying to author XHTML+XForms documents.  I would 
like to validate them and preferably have autocompletion.  At this 
stage, I'm not interested in custom XSD schemas in my XForms instances.

I followed the help here:


...and I have XHTML 2 validation/completion working.  I *thought* that 
XHTML2 would give me XForms and XML Events.  Alas, here's the xhtml2.rng 

     <x:h2>XForms module</x:h2>
     <x:p>To-Do: work out integration of XForms</x:p>
     <!--include href="xforms-11.rng"/-->

So no dice.  I then went on a day-long Google hunt, learning more about 
namespace routing languages etc. than I could possibly have wanted to 
know.  I tried numerous iterations of numerous schemas for numerous specs.

Next, I reviewed the oXygen mailing list archives and forum and found this:


However, the example there didn't work for me.  Meaning, I could put 
<xf:fake/> in my docs and it would still validate.

I'd really be interested to hear that someone got XForms plus any flavor 
of XHTML working in oXygen.  By working, I mean correct validation and 
autocompletion.  I don't particularly care if it is XHTML 1 or 2, RNG or 
XSD or NRL, or what version of the spec is used.

If anybody has a tarball containing an example document and the pile of 
schema docs it needed, I would be thrilled.  All in all, either this 
stuff is hard or I'm pretty dumb.


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