[oXygen-user] RE: [docbook-apps] Olinking and Chunked HTML Transformations

Sorin Ristache
Tue May 2 06:41:06 CDT 2006

Hello Ray,

The extended characters are not displayed correctly because the current 
font of the editor is not able to render them. It is an <oXygen/> FAQ 
(question 6 in the list):


To change the editor font in the <oXygen/> Eclipse plugin go to Window 
-> Preferences -> oXygen -> Editor -> Change font panel.

The second error message is caused by an XML file created with one 
encoding and read with another one or a file starting with an incorrect 
byte order mark. If you are sure that the file is written and read with 
the same encoding and the start bytes are not corrupted please attach a 
small sample file for reproducing the error.

Best regards,


Ray Miller wrote:
> For some yet unknown reason when utilizing oXygen (eclipse plugin) on 
> the Linux side, the extended characters €œ<text>€� to not appear 
> surrounding the section text of <xreftext>, Windows side only; will 
> resolve on the oXygen list. Using UTF-8 encoding.

> From the Windows side, validation complains “Invalid byte 1 
> of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence.” Again, this issue is probably best addressed 
> on the oXygen list but any help would be appreciated.

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