[oXygen-user] How do I switch on Xerces option "honour-all-schemaLocations" in Oxygen 6.2?

Wed Dec 7 16:40:34 CST 2005


I am trying to validate the ISO 19139 W3C XML Schema located at URL: 


I get multiple errors like "Cannot resolve the name 'gml:AbstractCRS' to a(n)
'element declaration' component."  When I reported this to the ISO 19139
issue/bug tracker I was told that it was a problem with Xerces and referred
to URL: 


A solution posted at URL: 


indicates that one must use the "honour-all-schemaLocations" option in

I tried to search the Oxygen 6.2 help for "honour-all-schemaLocations" but I
couldn't find anything relating to the problem.  Is there an option in Oxygen
6.2 to switch on "honour-all-schemaLocations" when validating XSDs?  If so
how do I do that?  If not can it be added as a bug?



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