[oXygen-user] Comments about a possible new feature

Robert Koberg
Wed Jan 28 13:04:41 CST 2004

George Cristian Bina wrote:

> Hi Robert,
>>...I just tried it by defining the working directory as the location of
>>my build.xml and then 'ant' as my command line (/project/@default='all').
>>It gives:
>>CreateProcess: ant error=2
>>Process ended with exit code -1
> Try to set the command line to ant.bat. I gave it a try and it works fine.

that worked

>>On another note, is there any info available about building plugins for
>>Oxygen? Perhaps all we might need is the source for the existing
>>plugins, especially (for me), the source for the schema documentation
>>plugin. I don't mean the XSL file, rather the java to show an example of
>>how we hook into Oxygen core. I have a few ideas for plugins; one being
>>an Ant interface, another being using Oxygen as an interface for our CMS.
> Have a look at
> http://www.oxygenxml.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=286

Cool. The API is all I need. You mention Eclipse as the way to extend 
oXygen. I would like to avoid that because the clients (cms admin/users) 
I have in mind are relatively non technical and I fear Eclipse would 
overwhelm them. But I guess it is an option.

> As I said there, the plugin support in the standalone version is quite
> limited and it was developed at user requests so feel free to discuss with
> us your needs.

OK. I am not ready to devote time right now--currently trying to get our 
next major release out and business has been booming.

I would need to get access to the UI to create nav/topic/project/asset 
trees, tabs+controls and property windows. I would also need a unique 
search interface (currently using Lucene to index XML 
content/configuration). I use XML configurations for these and could of 
course transform them to a required schema or java code.

I will email you (offlist) some ideas when I get more time.


> Best Regards,
>  George

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