[oXygen-user] Comments about a possible new feature

Robert Koberg
Wed Jan 28 18:17:39 CST 2004

Robert Koberg wrote:

> George Cristian Bina wrote:
>> Hi Robert,
>> Try to set the command line to ant.bat. I gave it a try and it works 
>> fine.
> that worked

I am noticing one thing that behaves differently when running a build 
file from the (cygwin) command line and running the exact same build 
file through oxygen. It involves running a transformation that uses an 
Ant xmlcatalog element. The xsl:include/import's work, but the document 
function does not go to the resolver. It just uses the identifier, for 
example with the xmlcatalog below:

<xsl:apply-templates select="document('placeholder')"/>

should resolve to:

but it resolves to the working dir adding the identifier.

A transformation looks like:
<xslt in="${project.site.xml}" out="${project.dev.dir}/feeds/index.html"
       reloadstylesheet="no" style="${project.xslt}">
   <param expression="${publish.timestamp}" name="date_time"/>
   <xmlcatalog refid="lsb_catalog"/>

The xmlcatalog looks like:

<xmlcatalog id="lsb_catalog">
   <entity location="${lsb.global_defs.xslt}" 
   <entity location="${lsb.common.xslt}" publicId="common.xsl"/>

   <entity location="${project.content.dir}/placeholder.xml" 

Again, the same build.xml works when using the command line with cygwin.

This is not a huge issue, but something is getting messed up. I remember 
some Jaxp option but I can't find it now. I got an update message when I 
restarted oXygen today, so I updated. Now I don't see a Jaxp preference. 
I am pretty sure I set it to 
org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl. Could some lingering 
setting be affecting the transformation. For example, the URIResolver is 
getting set correctly on the factory, but not on the Transformer??


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