The Quick Find Toolbar

A reduced version of the Find / Replace dialog is available as a toolbar that is activated by the shortcut specified in the Find menu: Alt (Meta on MAC OS) + Shift + F. The toolbar is displayed by default at the bottom of the Oxygen XML Developer window, above the status bar.

The Next, Previous, All, Incremental and Case sensitive controls work in the same way as in the Find / Replace dialog. The search process works as if the Search also in tags option of the Find / Replace dialog is true, the Whole words only one is false, the Regular expression one is false and the Wrap around one is true. You can also use the last two toolbar actions to quickly open the Find / Replace and the Find / Replace in Files dialogs. The toolbar becomes invisible again when the (ESC) key is pressed.

The enabling shortcut can be changed in Options > Preferences > Menu Shortcut Keys > Quick Find. As with any dockable toolbar, the screen location of the Quick Find toolbar can be changed at any time by dragging (and docking) it to the desired location. However the buttons of this toolbar can be used only if it has a horizontal layout so docking it to the West side or the East side of the window is not allowed.