Code Templates Preferences

Code templates are code fragments that can be inserted at the editing position. Oxygen XML Developer comes with a set of ready-to use templates for XSL, XQuery, and XML Schema. You can define your own code templates and share them with your colleagues using the template export and import functions.

To configure the Code Templates options, open the Preferences dialog and go to Editor > Templates > Code Templates.

This preferences page contains a list with all available code templates (both built-in and custom created ones) and a code preview area. You can disable any code template by deselecting it.

The following actions are available:

Defines a new code template. You can choose to set the newly defined code template for a specific type of editor or for all editor types.
Edits the selected code template.
Creates a duplicate of the currently selected code template.
Deletes the currently selected code template. This action is disabled for the built-in code templates.
Imports a file with code templates that was created by the Export action.
Exports a file with code templates.
You can use the following editor variables when you define a code template :