MarkLogic Connection

Once you configure a MarkLogic connection, you can use the Data Source Explorer view to display all the application servers configured on the server. You can expand each application server and view all the modules that it is configured to use. The Data Source Explorer view allows you to open and edit these modules.
Note: To browse modules located in a database, directory properties must be associated with them. These directory properties are generated automatically if the directory creation property of the database is set to automatic. In case this property is set to manual or manual-enforced, add the directory properties of the modules manually, using the XQuery function xdmp:directory-create().

Manually Adding Directory Properties

For two documents with the /code/modules/main.xqy and /code/modules/imports/import.xqy IDs, run this query: (xdmp:directory-create('/code/modules/'), xdmp:directory-create('/code/modules/imports/')).

For further information about directory properties go to:

When you execute or debug XQuery files opened from this view, the imported modules are better identified by the MarkLogic server. In a module, you are also able to add breakpoints that the debugger takes into account.
Note: Add breakpoints in the modules of the application server that executes the debugging.
Note: Open XQuery modules from the application server involved in the debugging or execution process.

In the Requests container of each application server Oxygen XML Developer presents both the queries stopped for debugging and the queries that are still running. At the end of your session, to clean up the entire Requests container, right click it an use the Cancel all running requests action.

MarkLogic Connection in Data Source Explorer

The Data Source Explorer view presents all the application servers available on the MarkLogic server. To change the XDBC application server that Oxygen XML Developer uses to execute XQuery expressions, select the Use it to execute queries option from its contextual menu.

To manage resources for a MarkLogic database through WebDAV, configure a WebDAV URL in the MarkLogic connection.

The following actions are available in the contextual menu of the WebDAV connection: