[oXygen-user] Image Preloader

Sorin Ristache
Tue Jul 26 02:03:38 CDT 2011


Probably the input XSL-FO file contains a reference to an image of a 
type that is not directly supported by Apache FOP, which means an 
external library (an additional jar file) is needed in the classpath of 
the command line. Do you use in the command line of the external tool 
the fop.jar file from the Oxygen distribution? Please send the command 
line and the output of the command including the error message. Can you 
send also a small sample XSL-FO file?


Mark wrote:
> I have been using Oxygen for many years to create files. Normally, I 
> create a windows batch file and call FOP from there. My current 
> problem is that I am using images for the first time. My external FOP 
> complains that it cannot fins an ImagePreloader. I tried looking at 
> the FOP lists and quite frankly did not understand how to install and 
> use their ImagePreloader framework.
> So this means a shift in my work habits. I think I can put together a 
> FOP scenario within my Oxygen 12.2 workspace, but I am unsure how I 
> would invoke (if indeed Oxygen has one) an ImagePreloader
> Any suggestions on where to look for help?
> Thanks,
> Mark

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