[oXygen-user] Variable names stops working

Adrian Buza
Mon Jul 11 09:07:55 CDT 2011


The logger library is a low level component that is statically 
initialized, it's not designed to be activated/configured on the fly. So 
I'm afraid there's nothing we can do in this regard. The application 
would still have to be restarted even if you were to enable logging from 
the Oxygen GUI.


Adrian Buza
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support


Florent Georges wrote:
> Adrian Buza wrote:
>   Hi,
>> Please copy the attached 'log4j.properties' file to the Oxygen
>> installation directory and restart Oxygen.
>   BTW, it would be very nice to have config options to set
> dynamically and graphically the log level and destination,
> instead of having to edit the properties file and to restart the
> application.
>   Regards,

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