[oXygen-user] oXygen Author-mode document comparison plugin

O'Donnell, Dan
Wed Jul 6 09:10:45 CDT 2011

Trying it now. Thanks a lot: we were just discussing the need for this 
with TEI P5 documents in our journals' workflows.
On 11-07-06 02:57 AM, Michael Anthony Smith wrote:
> We have developed an oXygen plugin that shows the changes between any two versions of a document as oXygen 'tracked changes', which is available for evaluation download from http://www.deltaxml.com/products/oxygen-plugin/download.html. Please use oXygen's Author mode to view, accept and reject the changes.
> We are looking for feedback from anyone using oXygen, who might find such a plugin useful, say to author structured documents.
> If you use DITA, this plugin can also create a DITA topic with status and rev attributes inserted to show the changes between two versions of your topic.
> Similarly, if you use DocBook, this plugin can create a DocBook document with revisionflag attributes inserted to show the changes between two versions of your document.
> The DeltaXML oXygen Plugin provides authors of structured documents with that essential 'compare documents' feature found in ordinary word-processors.
> We are in final beta stages and would appreciate any comments from oXygen users on this mailing list - please download an evaluation version and we look forward to hearing your feedback.
> Please feel free to provide feedback via this mailing-list, to me directly, or the plugin's own support forum (http://www.deltaxml.com/forum/index/14).
> Thanks for your help,
> Anthony

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