[oXygen-user] How to pass the custom schema url from a validation scenario to a custom validation engine?

Sorin Ristache
Fri Jul 1 03:44:57 CDT 2011


Did you specify the schema in the validation scenario as a custom schema 
by selecting the radio button "Use custom schema"? If yes the variable 
${ds} or ${dsu} from the command line of the custom validator should be 
replaced with the file path or URL of the schema from the scenario. If 
${ds}/${dsu} is not expanded when you run the scenario please post here 
the output that is displayed in the Info view when you validate the XML 
document. What is the command line of the validator specified in 
Preferences -> Editor -> Custom Validation Engines? What is the URL of 
the custom schema that you set in the validation scenario?


Stefan Krause wrote:
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> Hello,
> I had configured a custom validation engine. It works fine if I invoke
> it with the validation button and a detected schema (referenced by
> <?oxygen?>-PI). If I use the same custom engine from inside of a
> validation scenario with a custom schema url, validation fails because
> ${ds}/${dsu} are not set.
> How can I pass the custom schema URL from the validation scenario to the
> validation engine? I suppose there is an other editor variable, but I
> couldn't find it.
> Thanks,
> Stefan
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