[oXygen-sdk] Integrating with eXist

Alex Jitianu alex_jitianu at sync.ro
Wed Oct 19 07:53:51 CDT 2016

Hi Toma,

What you can do right now inside the Data Source Explorer, in an eXist 
connection, is to import files either by using the dedicated actions or 
by  DnD from the Project view. I guess that eXist itself is, or can be, 
properly configured to trigger indexing jobs etc.

If you want to get an experience more tailored to your needs then you 
can develop an Workspace Access plugin [1]. Such a plugin can contribute 
side views or toolbar buttons. A good starting point is our Maven-based 
sample project [2]

The bad news is that we don't have too much API or extension points on 
the Data Source Explorer side. This means that while you can use the 
existing support in the Data Source Explorer there is no way to extend 
it and add your custom actions that need to interact with eXist will 
have to use your own modules (who might use the eXist XML:DB api [3]). 
You can take a look at Axxepta's (a company that has a lot of experience 
working with XML databases and Oxygen plugins) Project Argon [4]  which 
is an open source Oxygen plugin that offers support for working with 
document stored in a BaseX server. Perhaps you can reuse some modules 
from there and just implement the eXist connection layer...

[2] https://oxygenxml.com/oxygen_sdk/oxygen_standalone_plugins.html
[3] http://exist-db.org/exist/apps/doc/devguide_xmldb.xml
[4] https://github.com/axxepta/project-argon

Best regards,
Alex Jitianu
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On 10/19/2016 9:14 AM, Toma Tasovac wrote:
> Hi.
> We're looking into having an oXygen plug-in developed which would make 
> it possible to upload local files to eXist-db directly from oXygen. 
> (I'm not talking about opening eXist files in oXygen, but rather about 
> using the local filesystem under version control in oXygen and then 
> occasionally deploying files to eXist).
> At this point, I'm not looking for complex mirroring of files and 
> hierarchies (especially since our local folder hierarchies do not 
> necessarily correspond to the hierarchies in eXist-db), but a very 
> simple one-on-one thing: a button in oXygen which on click will talk 
> to eXist, deploy the current oXygen file to eXist-db (based on 
> configuration values), trigger a reindex in eXist and notify the user 
> that everything went ok.
> The plugin should be configurable and allow for multiple deployments 
> (e.g. deploy to local server and then remote, or staging server and 
> production server etc.)
> Any advice on how best to implement this with the oXygen SDK? We'd 
> like to reuse as much as possible the functionalities that already exist.
> All best,
> Toma
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