Interface AuthorDifferencePerformer

    public interface AuthorDifferencePerformer
    The AuthorDifferencePerformer is used to compare two Author documents using a set of options. The result of the diff is a list with the differences between the resources.
    • Method Detail

      • setBaseDocument

        void setBaseDocument​(AuthorAccess baseAuthorAccess)
        Set the base Author document, used to perform a three-way comparison. It can be null.
        baseAuthorAccess - The access to the base Author document.
      • setDocumentsToCompare

        void setDocumentsToCompare​(AuthorAccess leftAuthorAccess,
                                   AuthorAccess rightAuthorAccess)
        Set the documents to be compared.
        leftAuthorAccess - The access to the left Author document.
        rightAuthorAccess - The access to the right Author document.
      • setOptions

        void setOptions​(DiffOptions diffOptions)
        Set the options used by the diff performer to perform the comparison. It can be null meaning a default set of options will be used.
        diffOptions - The options.
      • performDiff

        java.util.List<Difference> performDiff​(DiffProgressListener diffProgressListener)
                                        throws DiffException,
        Performs the diff operation between the resources represented by the two AuthorAccess.
        diffProgressListener - The DiffProgressListener notified about the progress of the diff. It can be null when the diff progress doesn't need to be monitored.
        The list with the differences. If the resources are identical or the diff fails the list will be empty.
        The returned differences are represented by Difference objects that contain the start and end offsets in the Author content for each Author document.

        The Author content contains the entire XML document text and special marker characters.
        Each author node points in the content to the start and end marker characters which are used to delimit it's range. The start and end offsets pointed to by the AuthorNode can be retrieved using the AuthorNode.getStartOffset() and AuthorNode.getEndOffset()

        The following image represents the architecture of an Author document fragment that is a part of the Author document content. The red markers represent special control characters which represent the node ranges:
        Author document fragment architecture.

        If the hierarchical diff is activated (DiffOptions.isEnableHierarchicalDiff() returns true) then the returned list contains DifferenceParent elements.
        DiffException - If the diff operation fails or it is stopped before it finishes.
      • stop

        void stop()
        Signal to the diff performer that it must stop.