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This is a known issue which has already been resolved in the upcoming 
To overcome this problem you can use the following custom CSS rule in 
your WebHelp output:

[data-tooltip-position="hidden"] .wh-tooltip{

 1.     display: none !important;

You can read more about customizing the output in this topic: 



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On 24-Jan-20 3:42 PM, Kristen James Eberlein wrote:
> *Context:* oXygen 21.1, build 2019101513 running on a Mac, generating 
> WebHelp Responsive.
> The template descriptor file contains the following parameter, yet the 
> tooltips are still visible in the output:
> <parameter name="webhelp.publication.toc.tooltip.position" 
> value="hidden"/>
> Is this a known bug? If so, any advice about how to best override it? 
> I do have a DITA-OT plug-in in place to override the following: task 
> label for the <tasktroubleshooting> element.
> Many thanks in advance!
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> Best,
> Kris
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