[oXygen-user] Non-breaking spaces in fragments via framework

Christian Achter christian.achter at germ.unibe.ch
Mon Dec 9 07:16:08 CST 2019

Thank you Jirka for your explanation, that was very helpful. I never 
realized the bottom bar of Oxygen XML Author telling me the Unicode code 
for the current character.

When you say /"//I'm putting here directly encoded non-breaking 
space//"/ which code sequence are you using instead of   ?

Btw I made an interesting experience. My framework now writes a   
into my XML file. When I switch from Author to Text mode, this   is 
not written in the text, it just looks like a "regular" space. But the 
bottom bar says it is a U+00A0. So everything is fine except the visual 
representation in the text.

When I close the XML file and open it again in text mode, there is 
suddenly a   displayed. So everything is even better after 
reopening the file.

Thanks and kind regards

Am 05.12.19 um 22:11 schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 5.12.2019 16:39, Christian Achter wrote:
>> I tried   which just created a regular space.
> Are you sure? At the bottom bar you can see Unicode code for character
> under the caret. Normal space is U+0020 and non-breaking U+00A0.
>> What do I have to put between my opening and closing <String> tags?
> I'm putting here directly encoded non-breaking space, but   should
> work same.
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