[oXygen-user] Web Author and more then one git submodules

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Tue Dec 3 10:48:00 CST 2019

On 3.12.2019 12:40, oXygen XML Editor Support (Gabriel Titerlea) wrote:
> We're trying to justify a change to the current behavior regarding Git
> sub-modules in Web Author. Please describe your use-case in more detail.

It's project where requirements changed over the time ;-)

Originally separate textbooks have been edited -- each textbook in a
separate git repository. Each textbook has been standalone. For each
textbook different group of users has access rights.

Now requirements changed and some books need to reuse content
(chapters/section, images, ...) from other books. Merging all individual
repositories into one large repository (for example using git subtree
feature) where there will be separate folder for each book is not viable
as this way we would loose ability to give different access rights for
different textbooks. Git can set access rights only on whole repository
not on individual folders inside it.

So using submodules we can keep textbooks that don't require inclusion
of assets from other textbooks as they were in a separate repositories.
Then textbooks that need to reuse content can be edited from "grandrepo"
that would include all textbooks as submodules.

Well, yes perhaps this is far beyond what git has been designed for. Git
was fine for original requirements. Knowing current requirements at the
start of project would mean that expensive CCMS should be used instead
of git. :-(

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