[oXygen-user] Web Author and more then one git submodules

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Mon Dec 2 08:47:04 CST 2019

On 28.11.2019 14:49, oXygen XML Editor Support (Gabriel Titerlea) wrote:
>> In my case only test submodule works others are shown as empty.
> Web Author remembers the list of sub-modules for 8 hours, it doesn't
> check for new sub-modules on each request.
> Did you push these sub-modules recently? Does the issue persist after
> you restart Web Author?


yep that did the trick -- another day there was no problem accessing
content of submodules. Thank you very much.

I have encountered another issue with submodules. Let's consider the
following layout of repositories.

project/test1  - git repository with some assets and files
project/test2  - another git repository with some assets and files

project/main - git repository that adds test1 and test2 as a top level
submodules in folders test1 and test2

Now I create some XML file inside project/main repository -- either at
the top level or inside some folder (that is real folder inside
project/main not folder attached to submodule). Now I'm using actions
from toolbar for inserting images (for example for DocBook) -- file
picker dialog allows me to choose any files including files in
submodules. When I choose image from submodule it's correctly
referenced, e.g.:

<imagedata fileref="test1/images/logo.png"/>

However if I create XML file in folder attached to submodule Web Author
automatically switches to submodule repository and it's no longer
possible to reference images from the main repository or from other
submodules. Respectively it's possible if I change repository manually
but URL of referenced image is unusable as it is no longer relative
reference, e.g.:


This is probably caused by the fact that when opening/creating file in
folder attached to submodule Web Author switches to submodule repository
automatically. So in my example setup when I'm trying to work with file

test1/example.xml in project/main repository

Web Author automatically uses

example.xml in project/test1 repository

Would it be possible to stay in the main repository even when working
with submodules?

Many thanks in advance,


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