[oXygen-user] ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation in Web Author

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 From what I understand your framework is an extension of the default 
DocBook framework.

I can reproduce your problem if the extension framework contains a 
framework.js file in its web folder (in this way the framework.js of the 
original framework is overwritten) that does not contain the 
'insert.table' action customization for Web Author.

Is this your use case?

I have added your request for adding more parameters in 
ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation. We will let 
you know when this will be implemented.

Best Regards,

Mihaela Calotescu

On 10/17/2018 3:48 PM, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm creating DocBook customization for work in Web Author. Customized
> schema allows only informatables in HTML syntax. I have modified
> original insert.table action from DocBook framework in the following way:
> Activation XPath:
> oxy:allows-child-element("*:informaltable")
> Default table model:
> html
> This works fine in standalone Author, but user has to untick "Title" in
> order to insert informaltable instead of table with title.
> However when I deploy the same framework to Web Author insert.table
> action is not doing anything. If I try to invoke it in the wrong
> location I'm getting proper warning "The action ... is not available in
> the current location". But when I position caret to proper location and
> press table button nothing happens.
> Are there any Web Author limitations for
> ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation operation
> that are causing this behaviour? Before I customized activation XPath
> and default table model button was invoking table creation dialog. But
> now nothing happens.
> Also it would be nice if
> ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation would have
> more parameters that would allow customization of table insert dialog, e.g.
> - checking/unchecking title
> - disabling some table models (CALS, HTML)
> - disabling title
> - providing default row/column count
> - providing default frame options
> Many thanks in advance,
> 				Jirka
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