[oXygen-user] ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation in Web Author

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Wed Oct 17 07:48:49 CDT 2018


I'm creating DocBook customization for work in Web Author. Customized
schema allows only informatables in HTML syntax. I have modified
original insert.table action from DocBook framework in the following way:

Activation XPath:

Default table model:

This works fine in standalone Author, but user has to untick "Title" in
order to insert informaltable instead of table with title.

However when I deploy the same framework to Web Author insert.table
action is not doing anything. If I try to invoke it in the wrong
location I'm getting proper warning "The action ... is not available in
the current location". But when I position caret to proper location and
press table button nothing happens.

Are there any Web Author limitations for
ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation operation
that are causing this behaviour? Before I customized activation XPath
and default table model button was invoking table creation dialog. But
now nothing happens.

Also it would be nice if
ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation would have
more parameters that would allow customization of table insert dialog, e.g.

- checking/unchecking title
- disabling some table models (CALS, HTML)
- disabling title
- providing default row/column count
- providing default frame options

Many thanks in advance,


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