[oXygen-user] Custom placeholders for empty elements?

Richard Forster
Fri May 22 08:29:35 CDT 2015

Dear George
Thanks a lot - this is great, and the extra information on the hints much appreciated. 
This looks very powerful and seems really straightforward to use and implement.
Best regards, Richard

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Hi Richard,

You can control that using the -oxy-placeholder-content property:

myElement {
   -oxy-placeholder-content: "Your placeholder content"; }

The Hints alternate style for DITA adds custom placeholders in addition to the hint information. You can find that in the folder [oxygen]/frameworks/dita/css/hints
The master there is the hints.less file that generates the hints.css.

The hint information is displayed using the oxy_htmlContent form control, like:

oxy_htmlContent(href, 'hints.html', id, oxy_concat('topic-hints', '-', oxy_local-name()), width, 100%);

For example, if this will be used for a title element, then it will present the content of the element with the id "topic-hints-title" from the hints.html file - that file contains div elements with IDs that are referred from the LESS/CSS file.

Hope this helps, including the additional info :).

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
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On 22/05/15 14:23, Richard Forster wrote:
> Hello List
> Is there a way of customizing the placeholders shown in Oxygen Author 
> view for empty elements?
>  From the shelf the system just repeats the tag name on gray background.
> As soon as I start typing something into the element, the placeholder 
> disappears.
> What I would like to have is the same behavior but with a custom 
> string/instructions being shown instead of the tagname. Is this possible?
> Best regards
> Richard
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